1> Fill a 1 gal glass jug 7/8 w/ 100% juice, non citrus.
(can use 1 - 2, 12oz cans of concentrate w/water)
2> + 2.5 oz active dry yeast
3> + 4 cups sugar.
4> Cap w/ clean extra lg balloon, & rubber band.
5> Store dark and cool place to ferment.
Vapors inflate balloon, as yeast eats sugar & shits ethanol.
6> In about 4-6 weeks, when balloon starts deflating,  
strain into bottles, Cork it, or ready to drink!
7> Store on side to keep cork wet. Age up to a year @
preferred 54°f(12°c), never higher than 75°f(24°c).

X> their is usually enough yeast it the air to ferment the
juice, especially if you grow your own grapes, and even better
chances if you have been growing for a while, the proper yeast
tend to dominate the area... However some times the proper high
alcohol tolerant strains are not present and regular yeast will
die about 4% alcohol and most wines are from 12 all the way up
to 18% max!!!
!!!> When growing your own grapes you can pick some a couple
weeks a few days before hand, mash them and let them ferment...