For a small country to chip in together, and get a bulk deal on
ir basic needs is one thing, (as in my opinion we all should do
with friends and family) for this to work here we would need to
United Independent States! As we where!
  These small countries have landslide elections!
  Here, instead of being a 50 state union, we are left with 2 many
groups lumped into a 2 party rumble!
  So many different wants and needs amalgamated under an out of
sight out of mind, system.  

That in witch;  
Tax revenue gets spread too thin! None of the "programs"
actually have sufficient funding for what they need to succeed!  
The bureaucracy involved, the waste, and the vulnerability to
corruption, of too large and spread thin system!
C) Leaving no corners satisfied, creating this hunger,  wrapping up
people so much in their fighting against one and other, they don't
even remember what they started fighting for, and life itself for
them becomes about fighting for whatever corner they claim of this
divided nation.
.  So to complicate it further is just wasteful, against the grain of
reason, and by Einstein's definition, Insane!      
Fortunately we knew and saw fit, while we where establishing this
nation, this problem arising, as history repeats itself,  the need to
be the United StateS.  Yet some how along the way we left an
opening to violate the constitution with inner state commerce Acts
and what that lead to.
The United State.  
Now the question of do we put that S back in out name, and make
it possible to have a bright future.  We are in a hole and have to
face the problem at hand. Right now we don't have the funds to do
a damn thing, until we turn the tables on this debt created by
politicians selling us out. We must become a great powerful nation
again before we can do anything,  we have no way to pay for it all!!!!!