I forced myself to rise up every day until It became natural, and
then there is no "arrived", use it or loose it, the battle never
ends, pick yourself up! It's getting harder every day.
I found peace within because I recognize the problem, I stand up to
it every day, and I smile and take pride in my strength and feel
warm inside knowing I have a plan, and am part of the solution not
the problem!  Do you really want to be all slapstick mindless
lemming happy?  Or do you want a reason to be happy? Create
Sure we loose things we can never get back, but we can always make
it worse!!! So the longer you dwell the harder it is to move on,
like muscles, your brain needs to keep moving on and working out.  
So decide right now you are going to rise above, face the day with
strength and pride and love. And it will return to you. Its hard,
the urge to lay back down and cry is like that voice in the back of
your head telling you to eat something that taste good, you know
will make you sick lol.....    
People will try to bring you down, because your new strength will
make them feel week and that lethargic mindset finds its easier to
break you down than build them self up!!   Surround your self with
the like minded, build yourself up.
Leave the negative behind you, they will hold you down, even if you
love them, best way you can help is to not fuel their disposition
for their next debate with logic and light.  
Find personal sanctuary and then you can visit, but don't stay
long, Lethargic feelings are contagious, can't help anybody if you
can't take care of yourself, if you can't find a clear way of
surround yourself with common interests and a moving forward in
life mindset, spend more time with yourself.