A) The sound floor created by the city noise floor,just back
round noises, is higher than a vacuum cleaner 70-90 db! Like
being inside a bees hive.
B)  You can't see the sky at night, as you drive away, you can
see this purple dome of light, like a snow globe, and its from
all the city lights.
C)  Poison and Pollution.
D)   Brain can only handle a relation ship with 150 people.  
F)  our brains operate on neural transmission of brain/radio
waves between each other. All the signals being broadcast through
the cities create a mild distortion, like radio station picking
up static!  
G)  Sensory overload for those in tune.  Surrounded by a group
dynamic of bliss!
Just people, most blind or so desperate to hide from this truth
they blind them self, they stumble around on prescription dope,
lock into the TV tuner, and the only care in their bubble is
destruction of any distractions from their illusion of good will
and false comfort, their unease would drown them.
They raised their children to not see the truth on what they are
actually doing, to others, to them selfs! In the hopes they can
enjoy life guilt free.      
The servants who survived did like wise, so their kids could
live shame free, and taught their children to just accept, not
realizing they are giving up, so they can (sort of) enjoy life
with false pride, (often triggered rewards for being the best
slave, or for being sneaky...
Well, it sucks to be surrounded by people moving in the revere
direction, and they don't realize their going the wrong way, and
you can't reason with them, the truth makes them uneasy, and
their bubble distorts, reality pokes in, and they just see you as
a bad guy for making them uneasy, and they associate the new
found truth presented with propaganda or witchery of some sort,
and build up further defenses to the truth.
It's like people only bread the mean dogs they can control, and
use them to attack on command! Yet, puppies, pop up!, all the
time with minds of their own!  And you cant stop it!  You will
simply wear your self out, and self destruct.