I don't care for pills, long story short a buddy left me half a
bottle of Accelerin, said if I ever change my mind...ok? Well one
day I was out of coffee and groggy so I tried one. 45 min later I
felt instant speed, motivation, focus, memory... so I took the
other. and zzzOOM!!!!!!!
I was in my shop, balancing things on edge while fixing, reaching
behind me, opening drawers with out looking and pulling out parts I
had searched all week for like they where never lost, I mean never
skipped a beat until I ran out lol I felt relaxed, yet had so much
energy, no lethargic sense what so ever, , just motivation to
overcome obstacles, I mean I felt like in tune with everything.
I also found that just like any drug, repeated use causes your body
to stop producing these chemicals naturally, and becomes dependent
on the new false source! So while you will feel this rush of "brain
power" and focus, taken regularly, the only way to feel that boost
again will be to up the dose...
I still take when I need a JUMP START and meditate on the elevated
chemically induced state as reference point for the amounts your
body should naturally produce, balancing your personal chemistry!

Accelerine haD an unhealthy amount of caffeine, and researching the
ingredients, right away I find the
GABA, has no effect taken
orally, and the
THEANINE is mainly to take the jitters off the
caffeine, and is natural in green tea.
So I tried
CLARITY, it had everything the ACCELERIN had except
caffeine, theanine and gaba, but also had a lot of other stuff,
well, better than nothing, but not the right levels...

NOW, I found that most ingredients in Accelerine are either to
vascolate the blood vessels to improve oxygen levels in brain. or
they have to do with
ACETYLCHOLINE, like the 3 main most common
I find are
ALPHA GPC (CHOLINE made from SOY LECITHIN) your body
turns it into
(Huperzia Serrate Moss) and this helps prevent the breakdown of
the production of ACETYLCHOLINE. and it is also proven to repair
brain damage.   
So I took in more of these 3 and feel closer to how the ACCELERIN
boosted me, even took in the same amount of caffeine and some
Theanine as well. but It is still missing something.  Now ACCELERIN
has 3 times the
NIACIN as CLARITY, and that is a big thing I can
feel missing, ALL B vitamins help create energy by converting carbs
to glucose, but NIACIN helps produce ATP witch is the MAIN SOURCE
OF ENERGY FOR THE BRAIN. it is also a Vasolator. so it seems these
are the big 4...
As for the other ingredients in ACCELERIN we have one more
VINPOCETINE (a synthetic Perry winkle plant extract)
BACOPA MONNIERI (north India herb) that helps maintain
speed of nerve transmission in Hippocampus. It helps sleep,
relaxing, is a cure for all anxiety types, helps reverse ageing
memory loss.... and I never slept slept so well than when on
Accelerin , not so much with CLARITY so I can tell their needs be
more of this as well. I really want ACCELERIN with out the caffeine
and gaba lol but they don’t tell you how much is in there...
And I mean That stuff is great. I tried a couple more a few days
ago, and boom right back there lol  

I ordered
ALPHA BRAIN, seems to have larger dosages of
everything the acellerin had, except gaba, caffeine, and niacin.  
It does have OAT EXTRACT and A-11 cats claw, and PTEROSTILBENE(an
antioxidant from blueberries), says it reduces stress caused by
oxidation.  It worked almost like accel even with out the caffeine,

INFO WARS product.
They are like AlphaBRAIN, and has
Yerba Mate Leaf (caffeine
like stimulant)
and b12. but do not have cats claw or oat

Update on Brain-Force And AlphaBRAIN

Personally I liked to take 1 ( 1/2 dose) BrainForce in the morning
and a 1 (1/2 dose) alphaBRAIN b4 bed. Your body begins to need less
after a while because you "cull" the good stuff in your body and
start to make your own, so I was down to 1 capsule a day  of witch
one was on sale (B-F or A-B) lol. Also, if your taking b4 bed the
yerba mate will keep you up...

The proper dose will have to be balanced for your body's
metabolism, it will be close,  I am 160lb, 6'1" in good shape, yet
If I ate food like an average healthy person I would be huge!

Like if you get drunk or sick you will need to go back up to a full
dose, and serious even eating fast food or other junk will feed the
bad stuff in ya and you will need a full dose maybe even a
kombutcha !!!

I was recently ill had to flush my system, I am about to try the
AlphaBRAIN Drink Mix so I will update you...

Now according to Dr. Rhonda Patric, their are things in some plants
that trigger your brain to have the same effect naturally, so their
is no dependency.

Cs4 Cordyceps makes me able to ride trails all day
with out getting winded, love them!!!
Also the omegas from fish or CHIA seeds....
and pure spring water