I cant stop thinking about all the people I could help, feed, clothe,
teach, whatever!  All the people I could help If they stopped taking MORE
MONEY,than I keep, for TAX, and use that money for things I don't
support, even the things I do support... Well, remember the big fuss
about how big charities like united way and how only 2% of the money
donated actually helped people, the rest was peoples salaries!!! THIS IS

Only 1/3 of citizens pay tax! Forget the upper 1%, how about the 66.6%
standing on out heads!!  What you are saying is we should work all day so
66.6% can enjoy what you worked for? Nobody is entitled to anything
except respect! I'm sorry the school system programs that idea in growing
WE PAY [15% FED] + [5% STATE] + [11% PAY ROLL] + [11% PAYROLL that your
boss has to match, who's pocket do you think that really comes out, your
pay!] so right of the top we are taxed 42% and whats left over is charged
8% sales tax! That is 50% taxed!  Then their is candy tax, water tax,
bottled water tax, poperty/rent tax, tolls, meters, registrations,
hunting tax, utility tax, FINES, ordinance tax, local liquor tax, county
liquor tax, state liquor tax, federal liquor tax, bottled liquor tax, SIN
tax, filing fees, late fees, interest, entertainment tax, licenses. List
goes on and on!!! They take 66.6% of our money!
That 66.6% of non tax payers also still use out private charity as
well!!! Some one getting TWICE the income of the working 1/3, for free,
is not going to vote to give it back to its rightful owner who EARNED IT!
I'M telling you democrats or republicans do not care!      
2 lies designed to pit us against each other, to distract us from the
real issues. Stop watching them lies on the media, forget what they
taught you in school. We should all work independently together!
our taxes by
cuttrolled so we can really help!!! If somebody needs help, that's up to us, not
Any new system will not help you! 11 "men" with more money than the
country run the show, and 8 corporations on U.S. soil alone have over 10
times the annual budget of out government!  Don't all this seem like the
start of every old si-fi horror movie lol Only now we have slowly
accepted the fears of our forefathers as "normal"... Damn... If you want
me to pay for your school, let me vote on the lesson!

My friend, if I hunt (or grow...) ,you, are not, entitled, to my harvest.
It is in fact my choice, to share or trade. But I also, do not have the
right, to say, if you harvest, you, owe me, a tax!!!  And not to
semi-digress, but don't give me any stories that it is for my own good,
Get your own life.
And consider this. If you don't work and pay the tax, you get a fine,
cant pay the fine they abduct, or "arrest" you, then they lock you up in
a cage. And if you resist being caged you will be shot. SO what they are
saying is you will slave or be killed. You are putting a gun to my head
and forcing me to pay for you. Maybe not directly but if you hire a
hitman you are still a killer, weather you pulled the trigger or not, you
still pointed at the target. You are a slave driver. Is it really fair
that one should work all day every day except the weekend to pay for a
house and car that they only sleep in. They get up, get ready for
slavery, drive to slave plantation, whip them self, then drive home,
clean the grime off from work, eat dinner, relax for 1 hour then sleep.
Every day! Then on your day off you have to fix that house and car and
everything you worked for. So Really you work every day just for a 1-2
week vacation. How could you live with yourself knowing you have all
these toys and time to play with them paid for by slavery? And who has
time to figure this out when they are too busy slaving?