Bone Chilling Sounds Heavy Enough To Drown Out Any Sysyem Of Lies

_Erik abused abstract guitar timing to tear through a dominating_
__sub-groove & anti-hypnotic drumming encoded with Hypno-Loc,____
__creating a bone chilling platform for a new extreme, powerful,_
__________intensely pain ridden yet positive vocal style_________
- Francia Groves -

__"The new tune is relentless! The drums and guitar never let me_
__ignore their driven groove and the layered vox make Hell seem__
__more Heaven-sent. Keep up this kind of intensity and the local_
___electric company is going to wonder where all the juice has___
_________________________disappeared to."________________________
- Jason  McDaniel -

__________“Passionately exploding in your face” - Erik -_________
...Autumn Album Release Tour TBA!!!